Áñez praises the Armed Forces for promoting the fall of Evo Morales

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The interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, has praised the role of the Armed Forces during the political crisis that ended the government of former President Evo Morales in November last year, after being accused of an alleged crime of electoral fraud in the elections a month earlier.

“Last year the Armed Forces, together with the Bolivian people, said no to the dictatorship and that was the end of a long and terrible period of populist authoritarianism“said Áñez during the celebrations for the anniversary of the Bolivian Air Force (FAB).

Áñez has assured that this “was the beginning of a stage” in which the Army and the FAB, “entered that honorable category of military that in Latin America became promoters of democracy“, informs the agency ABI.

The end of the Morales government

On November 10, after the opposition, supported by the Organization of American States (OAS), denounced a alleged fraud in the elections On October 20, in which the Movement for Socialism (MAS) prevailed with 47 percent of the vote, General Williams Kaliman asked Morales to resign to “allow for pacification and the maintenance of stability.”

Morales finally presented his resignation together with his vice president, Álvaro García Linera, in the middle of a social and political crisis, with clashes in the streets of his supporters and detractors, and with part of the mutinous forces of order.

Morales headed for Argentina, after passing through Mexico, where it is currently. Since his departure, the new ruling party has filed various complaints against him for various crimes, including terrorism and sedition, and has tried unsuccessfully to obtain his extradition.

Upcoming presidential elections

During his speech, Áñez has once again appealed to unity, as he has been doing in recent weeks in the face of the October 18 elections, for which the polls give the MAS as the favorite, although everything suggests that there will be a Second round that will face the Morales party with the candidacy of former president Carlos Mesa (2003-2005).

“Now it remains to have a common agenda, an agenda that is beyond political colors, an agenda of unity,” he said, also recognizing the work of the Armed forces during the coronavirus crisis.

Washington interference

For his part, Morales denounced this Monday on his Twitter account that the State Department of the EUnited Statess, he would be behind the latest resignations presented by some candidates, among them Áñez, who a month ago assured that he would not stand in the elections so as not to “divide” the vote of the forces opposed to the MAS.

“Nationalist Democratic Action, Revolutionary Nationalist Movement and other parties withdraw on instructions from the United States Department of State,” he wrote. Evo Morales. The last one who has also resigned was Jorge Quiroga, whose candidacy in the polls barely exceeded 1 percent in voting intention.

“Nothing can defeat the village unity that unites around Luis Arce, “Morales wrote, who has also invited” reconciliation “, since” the division of the country was one of the most serious consequences of the political tragedy of November 2019. “

Influence of the USA

The one who was one of his foreign ministers, Diego Pary, has also referred in recent hours to the possibility that the Washington government he could be trying to ingest in some way in the next election.

Pary has assured that the recent visits to the United States of the current Minister of Government, Arturo Murillo, to meet with representatives of the United States Department of State, as well as with the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, “are clear signs that there is a plan to affect the normal development of the elections.”



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