“Anemic and bad psychologically”: how were the last hours of Diego Maradona that led him to hospitalization

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On the eve of his 60th birthday, Maradona looked tired and with a strong emotional instability as a result of isolation and the impossibility of bringing his entire family together. Los bajones by Doña Tota and Don Diego. The talks before being admitted to the clinic.

Diego Maradona is still hospitalized in a private clinic in La Plata. He is staying in room 214 with a picture of anemia. He’s out of the woods, aware, and wanting to go ASAP. He spent the last hours controlled and under the premise of stabilizing his clinical condition in the next few days. It will be the kickoff to attack your main problem: a emotional instability that worsened in recent months and that in the last hours reached its deepest point.

What happened to Maradona?

Why was the hospitalization decision made?

“It is bad psychologically and it affects the body. It eats badly, it changes everything. It is the main factor that leads to his being admitted, “he said. Leopoldo Luque, the neurosurgeon who in recent months became his family doctor. And he detailed: “He is an old person, with many pressures in his life, he turned 60 and you have to help him. It’s difficult to be Maradona ”.

The death of Doña Tota, in 2011, and Don Diego, in 2015, were two very hard blows for Maradona. He says it whenever he can. And it breaks every time it realizes that they are not there. He falls back into a pit from which he sometimes finds it very difficult to get out. He said it in one of the answers he gave to Clarion the day of his birthday.

“I went and I am very happy. Soccer gave me everything I have, more than I could have imagined. And if I had not had that addiction I would have been able to play much more. But today that is past, I am fine and what I regret the most is not having my parents. I always ask for that wish, one more day with Tota but I know that from heaven she is proud of me and that she was very happy, “said Ten, who had already been showing some mood disorders in those days.

But it’s not just about missing his parents. Diego, as in most of his life, was within an emotional roller coaster in recent months.

The hopeful videos that circulated from his Instagram account a little over two months ago, in which he was seen to be active and strictly complying with the recovery plan that his doctors had designed, contrast with the image he delivered last Friday, the On his 60th birthday, when he participated, almost absent and with difficulties moving, in the celebration organized for the previous match between Gimnasia and Patronato de Paraná.

From Maradona’s surroundings, the one who usually receives criticism from Dalma and Gianinna and some of their ex-partners, they said that Diego had been up and down for a long time.

A particularly difficult month passed. And a lot had to do with the fact that The token that he was going to turn 60 fell and the pain caused by having his family split. “His dream is to bring the whole family together. To be with all his children,” they repeated before each consultation about how it would happen on Friday, October 30. “He is tired,” they added.

The dream, for health reasons, was impossible to fulfill. Beyond that he was able to receive a visit from Gianinna and her grandson Benjamin -Dalma did not go-. Maradona came from difficult days. He had been hit hard by the news that he had to be isolated in his villa in Brandsen, with very few people around him, due to the suspected symptoms of coronavirus, later discarded, from one of his custodians.

The coronavirus had already hit him hard with the death of Raúl Machuca, Rita’s husband Kity Maradona and Diego’s brother-in-law, in the first days of August. The father of Chino Maradona had been hospitalized in serious condition for a few days, when Kity’s positive was also known, who passed through the disease in an asymptomatic condition. Machuca was very close to Maradona.

Those factors converged in a significant mood drop. At the same time, Diego began to do everything contrary to what he had been doing in recent months, after a relapse with the alcohol intake that he had overcome. “During a stage of the quarantine he had problems and was taking too much. But that was corrected and now he is very well,” Luque had said in statements to the press in early August.

In the week before his birthday, he left the diet that he had been following on the advice of his nutritionist. I ate stir fry. Although he continued to do physical recovery work -to regain mobility in his battered knees-, he also did not take the vitamin and protein complexes that were prescribed to him to be physically stronger.

On Friday it was difficult for him to get up. His mood changed a bit when Matías Morla, his lawyer and friend, arrived, and brought him, among several gifts, a letter from the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro. Until that moment he hesitated to go to the gymnastics field for the tribute that the club, the AFA and the Professional League of Clubs had prepared for him. Maduro’s message and subsequent telephone conversation with Cristina Kirchner lifted his spirits. It was then that he spent a couple of hours with Gianinna and Benjamin. At the time, it looked good.

As they told Clarion, Morla didn’t want to know anything about him going to the Forest. He could not do much to prevent him from attending the invitation, although they agreed that he would not stay to watch the game. For this reason, after the greetings of Claudio Chiqui Tapia and Marcelo Tinelli, Diego left the throne that he uses to follow the games, got on the combi plotted with a brand of an energizing drink and returned to Brandsen’s fifth. He was excited and had taken a larger dose of medication.


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