Rock-caption Andy McCoyn the days go by making musicians and looking for new inspirations. He joined forces as a newly musician Narinder ”Nape” Singhin with and the result was a new song Complicated. Recently, however, one thing has annoyed the rock rooster.

He says he got rickety pictures on his phone.

– Fanatics 18-19 year old gima send me their bikini pictures. They could be my grandchildren. I think they are perverts, Andy McCoy uploads to Iltalehti.

The rocker says he would never send anyone pictures of himself. A similar action, he says, is proof of the stupidity of the world. What has rocked the rocker the most is how the messages flooded his private number, which is only for the people closest to him.

There was an explanation for that before long.

– One person sold my phone number for money. It was sold for five bisses. Do you think it’s no longer my brand? Andy says, noting that good friends don’t grow on every branch.

The time for the pictures was amusing.

The day after my own wife, Angela Nicoletti-Hulkko, traveled to Los Angeles to relocate, Andy ‘s private phone began to pop into scanty pictures of young women.

– These women don’t realize that I haven’t been in this game my whole life and that kind of looks childish and cornish in my eyes, Andy informs the senders of the pictures.