Android 12 makes your life easier than you expected: radical change in applications

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It will be many months before most Android users benefit from version 11 of the operating system created by Google, but we are already talking about Android 12.

While Apple has made superhuman efforts to get you to download iPhone apps only from its online store, Google seems to be becoming significantly more flexible in this regard. Starting with Android 12, smartphone and tablet users will be able to download apps and games more easily from different online stores on the same device.

Google officials have confirmed that they are working hard on the project, but the initiative is still in its infancy. The basic idea is to be able to significantly increase the flexibility of the platform when it comes to installing applications from third parties, but to do so without compromising the security of the device.

The first steps were already taken by Google in this regard several years ago. For this reason, you have at least two virtual stores on your Android smartphone, the Play Store and the phone creator’s, regardless of whether it’s Samsung, Huawei and others.

The big problem arising from this change will be the percentages that the virtual store administrator receives from the sale of applications. Google, like Apple, charges each developer 30% of the price of an application. For this reason, Epic Games’ Fortnite no longer exists in the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore. At the same time, however, if you have an Android terminal, you can find it in Samsung Galaxy Apps.

However, the actual source of the applications you have on your phone may matter less, given the measure prepared by Google for next year. If nothing happens in the meantime, from September 30, 2021, every microtransaction made by an application or game you have on Android will be processed through the Google Play payment system. By default, this means that the Mountain View giant will receive a commission from the sale. The rule already exists, but its implementation has not been closely monitored.


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