Android 11 is already among us

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Months ago Google He had taken the trouble to introduce us to Android 11 with all of its major mods and features and since then we have been experimenting with them at four different stages of its beta. Today, without too much fuss, Google officially launches Android 11 for almost all its Google Pixels.

We say “almost all” because the first generation of flagships Google will not be able to count on this update. For the rest, users of the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4a will find the respective notification ready to download the long-awaited software.

The most important details of Android 11

Android 11 is here but what does it bring? It goes without saying that the list of details is extensive and very specific, but below we will review its most notable news. Starting with its new notification system, of which we can mention two details in particular.

The first of these is that now, when you slide the screen from the upper end, the notifications relevant to instant messaging applications will all be grouped in the same sector, making it easier to view and manage them. And the second is that now we will have more security and privacy control over any notification, especially over pop-up notifications.

Following the particular line of attention towards instant messaging apps Android 11 introduces the concept of speech bubbles. Exactly how the chat windows of apps like Facebook Messenger are stacked on our screen, now we can also have bubbles from apps like Telegram or WhatsApp.

With Android 11 it will be easier to interact with all the devices of the Smart Home. Along with the shutdown, restart and emergency buttons, in addition to our passport data and more personal information, we will find options specifically oriented to home automation.

An important aspect of the new version of Google’s mobile operating system is greater control over our privacy. We refer to the permission that is granted to an app to locate our position. We can order these apps to only check our position only when necessary, that is, only when we are using the app in question.

Perhaps the most relevant detail of this entire version is the possibility of receiving specific updates through the Google Play Store. The powerful search engine company will now be able to solve particular questions of its mobile software with very light and fast updates that focus on the aspect to be solved and nothing else.

Google officially launches Android 11 with other details such as the possibility of linking our smartphones and cars without using a cable -as long as the vehicle is compatible with Android Auto-, the possibility of being able to record videos of what is happening on our screen and much more.

Source: Google


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