Android 11 Go: how is the sophisticated version of the operating system for cheap cell phones

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It brings to the so-called input range the unique permissions and the space dedicated to the chats in notifications.

Google announced this Friday that Android 11 Go, the version of its operating system focused on entry-level devices, introduces new features such as unique permissions or a space dedicated to chats in the notifications section.

Having revealed the first equipment list that can be updated to Android 11, Google seeks to bring all its news to entry-level devices with the Android 11 Go version, which do not have the technical characteristics of high-end smartphones. This adaptation improves community, privacy and usability., as Google reports on its official blog.

The new version of Go allows you to move between applications more easily without the mobile being blocked, since it is 20 percent faster than Android 10 Go. It also introduces gesture navigation.

This version brings new features seen in Android 11 to entry-level cell phones. Thus, it introduces a space dedicated to the different chats in the notifications section, from where you can see and manage the conversations that are held in different applications.

Too enter unique permissions, which provides single-use access to specific sensors such as the microphone or camera. Also, the operating system will reset automatically the permissions of applications that have not been used for a long time to prevent them from accessing data.

Android Go is accompanied by a set of applications adapted to the characteristics of the most basic mobiles. The company implemented “Safe Folder”, a new feature of Google Files that protect sensitive documents using encryption and requiring a PIN code.

Google announced on Friday that the Go version of its mobile operating system will be available for more phones in the coming months. Specifically, they indicated that from October it will arrive with new devices with up to 2GB of memory, previously they were 1.5 GB.

In fact, everything indicates that new phones with less than 2 GB of RAM will have to have Android Go installed at the factory or Google will not certify them. This extra 500 MB allows open apps up to 20% faster than in Android 10 Go, says Google.

This novelty will also allow entry-level cell phones to have in the background “three or four more applications”. In addition, as the company indicates, those devices will have 900MB of additional free space, enough to do up to 300 more selfies and download a full movie“.



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