Andressa Suita returns to Instagram after separation with photo without ring

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Andressa Suita’s brother praises

Who also left a compliment in the photo was the brother of Goiás, Alexandre Suita. “Wow, what a bitch!”, Commented the Bachelor of Nutrition. On Thursday (23), he put an end to rumors that he had argued with Andressa by sharing a photo of the reunited family. “God created the family to be united, protecting and strengthening each member. A united family, guided by God, is a great blessing!”, He captioned.

Gusttavo revolts with statements by Mallu Ohanna

After the separation of Gusttavo and Andressa came to the fore, the influencer Mallu Ohanna, ex-wife of the player Dudu, claimed to have stayed with the countryman during a meeting at Leonardo’s house, when he was still married. In face of the declaration, the owner of the hit “Inventor dos Amores” shot: “How does a person like that do that? Confirms something that never happened? Never seen in my life. Never. I swear on my children”. He even revolted on social media, indicating his desire to seek justice. “Slander and defamation … To all those involved in this absurdity that are trying to put me. Get ready!”, He wrote.

Zé Felipe’s girlfriend denies influencing

Virgínia Fonseca also spoke about the controversy. Zé Felipe’s girlfriend, Leonardo’s son, the influencer was mentioned as Mallu as one of the people who would have witnessed the affair, but confirmed Gusttavo Lima’s version. “She wants ibope, wants cookies, wants fame, I just don’t mark her here because I’m not going to give it to her. I spoke through the direct and she didn’t answer and I’m coming here to say it’s a lie. I saw Gusttavo Lima once in my life , it was the day I discovered my pregnancy and Gusttavo went to get Leonardo to play football. I stayed five minutes at the table with them. He was never in a review with us, I never came close to having any intimacy with him “, said.

(By Marilise Gomes)


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