Andressa Suita resumes work routine after separation: ‘Going back little by little’

Highest number of corona deaths in six months in US on Thanksgiving Eve

The United States has recorded the highest number of corona deaths per day for six months in the past 24 hours, on the eve...

Emily St. John Mandel: “In America you are completely alone in the face of danger”

The Arthur C. Clarke winner reconstructs Bernie Madoff's notorious multimillion-dollar scam case in her latest novel, 'The Glass Hotel,' and turns it into a...

Europe resists relaxing measures for fear of a third wave

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Without remittances from the United States, Cubans re-float their old system of ‘mules’

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Germany extends the restrictions until the end of the year, after a record number of deaths

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Gusttavo Lima denies reconciliation: ‘Relationship is over’

In an interview with columnist Leo Dias, the owner of the hit “Inventor de Amores” put an end to rumors of an alleged reconciliation with his ex-wife. “Regarding the relationship, it’s over. Respect and admiration continue, but the relationship is over,” guaranteed Gusttavo Lima. Some time later, Gusttavo used Twitter to vent about the statement by influencer Mallu Ohanna, who indicated that she had lived an affair with him. “Slander and defamation … To all those involved in this absurdity that are trying to put me. Get ready”

Model wants to change her look, says newspaper

According to information from the “Extra” newspaper, Andressa wants to renew her look after the end of the wedding. The publication indicated that her marketing team is in contact with different beauty brands, indicating that the change could happen for the amount of R $ 580 thousand.

Andressa Suita’s family supports the artist after finishing

On Instagram, Andressa’s brother, Alexandre Suita, recalled a photo of the family gathered to highlight the union between them. Among the rumors that emerged about the separation was that Goiana had fought with him and his parents for not supporting an alleged rapprochement with Gusttavo. “God created the family to be united, protecting and strengthening each member. A united family, guided by God, is a great blessing!”, Explained the Bachelor in Nutrition. In the caption, he even posted a quote from the matriarch. “Even if the world collapses, but united … We are Rocha. Sentence: Suely Suita. Photo: Todos Suitas”, he added.

(By Marilise Gomes)


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