Andrei Ştefănescu and Antonia Ştefănescu divorced after seven years of marriage. The two have a little boy together, Ayan, who remained in their mother’s custody. The singer confessed that the decision to divorce was a mutual agreement and was made at a notary, amicably.
“Our dear ones, as you well know, we have always been discreet with the events in our family, which we have done even now. Out of respect for you, we have decided that it is time to inform you about our situation, so that there are no misunderstandings. After 7 years of relationship, a beautiful love story and a miracle of a child, we have reached the end, our paths have parted, more precisely in the middle of this summer we made the decision to separate. to the notary amicably and I agreed on all decisions concerning Ayan and not only.
Antonia and Ayan still live in our house, we visit them almost every day and we spend time together. The puppy is well and happy and we make sure every day that this change does not affect him. We have chosen to make this transition away from the eyes and opinions of those around us, for the good and peace of both us and Ayan.
We know that this decision will amaze everyone who loves us and has been with us over the years, but we are both well and understand each other very well despite our separation, things are moving forward as before.
Even if we don’t go through the future hand in hand, we will do it side by side for Ayan’s good and happiness. That is why you should not be surprised that we will spend a lot of time together and that we will have different activities with Ayan, our families and our friends. There is peace in our lives, so please respect the discretion with which we have gone through these months “, the singer transmitted.