Asked about the photo in which she appears at the UCIN Gala (their), with Violeta Marin, his daughter and Ştefan Bănică Junior, and Radu Ştefan Bănică, the singer’s son, the new host of the TVR2 show “There is no such thing”, said that this was a moment of “normality.”

“Of course I was proud to have them both with me. I invited them because they both love theater and film, and Stefan is a new acting student. ” Andreea said, also claiming that the two children “love each other very much and support each other”, having “a very close relationship”.

Andreea Marin also confirmed that she kept in touch with Radu Ştefan Bănică, saying that “it has been part of my soul and my life since I was a child”.

In the interview, Andreea also talks about her daughter and the way she learns during this period: “Violeta doesn’t really need help with lessons and I’m happy about that, the school has evolved a lot and it’s hard for a parent to keep up with the times . But I’m by her side for any support she needs, Violeta is my soul. Learn hybrid now, but the times are uncertain, unfortunately. “

The star also spoke about the fact that she would have the patience to start over with a baby, this being “the most beautiful period in a mother’s life” and that she feels “loved and cherished” by Adrian Brâncoveanu, the man she find out in a relationship now.

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