The soloist arrived at the hospital urgently last week with abdominal pain. The doctors found that Andreea Bălan has an abdominal abscess, which they managed to drain.

The singer arrived home safely, after 6 days of hospitalization, she writes Click!

“After six days, I’m leaving home today. I kiss you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the messages of encouragement. They helped me enormously,” Andreea Bălan wrote on Sunday evening on Instagram.

According to specialists, an abscess of the abdominal cavity is an inflammatory process in which a filled cavity with purulent content is formed between the internal organs. The disease is usually accompanied by severe pain.

Andreea Bălan PHOTO Instagram

He escaped surgery

“I was hospitalized on Monday night with very severe abdominal pain. Following the investigations, the doctors discovered an abdominal abscess. I should have had surgery on Tuesday, but I was very lucky and shortly before the scheduled operation, the doctors managed to drain him. I am now under treatment and observation. Thank you all for the nice messages. Visits are not allowed in the hospital, but with me were the people I love and who are present in my life. I can’t wait to get home and hug Ella and Clara. I wish you all health! ”, Declares Andreea Bălan after hospitalization.

In March 2019, Andreea Bălan suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest during a cesarean section, following an amniotic embolism. Two weeks later, the soloist underwent another operation, due to hematomas that had formed during the first operation.