Andreas Seidl: We are taking additional measures

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In Germany, Mercedes reported six cases of coronavirus infection, and then Lance Stroll, who missed the last race due to poor health, was tested positive for Covid-19. On Friday in Portugal, McLaren chief Andreas Seidl said this has prompted the team to tighten security measures.

Andreas Seidl: “Along with the recommendations of the FIA, we had very strict measures from the very first race. The main thing is to continue to follow all existing protocols, not to get out of the bubble, to constantly keep social distance, and so on. And we do it.

What happened at the Nurburgring is another call for the whole team, so we must not relax. This weekend we again took additional measures – we increased as much as possible the social distance in the office and in the boxes. In addition, we have become more isolating the riders from the team at the racing weekend – we are trying to do everything possible.

We have the ability to replace a number of people and functions, but it is clear that we are limited in what we can do without disrupting the team. So far, we have been lucky – we have not yet had an outbreak of disease. Hopefully, thanks to all our protocols, it will stay that way. ”



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