Andreas Seidl: Our car is sensitive to wind

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In Mugello, McLaren performed below their usual results, losing to Racing Point and Renault. Team leader Andreas Seidl explained what led to this result.

Andreas Seidl: “We had a very difficult weekend, especially considering our form on the first day. Fortunately, before qualifying, we managed to make a big step forward, and the speed was higher in the race. We kept Ferrari and not so much lost to Racing Point and Renault – the final result can be called positive. Lando Norris stayed focused and cool during the chaos, avoiding trouble. He acted competently during the starts, which was also important.

I don’t think that our results fluctuate due to the fact that this or that track is better or worse for the car. Exactly the same swings between us and Renault we saw in Spa and Monza, although on those tracks the cars are tuned to a lower level of downforce than in Mugello.

It all comes down to finding the right settings, and this is influenced by factors such as the characteristics of the asphalt and the weather. For example, we found out that our car is very sensitive to a tailwind.

In fact, the difference between the cars of different teams ranges from two to three tenths of a second, and sometimes this is how many times separate the fifth and twelfth places in qualifications. But this is the beauty of a tight fight among the teams of the middle group, in which we participate. “



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