Andrea Politti changes sewing for burners: she will replace Carina Zampini in The great kitchen prize

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As the host of the gastronomic reality show El Trece was infected with coronavirus, Politti will go from Tuesday in her place, while preparing the return of Cut and Dress, which the channel had raised.

From sewing to cooking, Andrea Politti returns to the screen of El Trece. In principle, the driver will be in charge of The great prize of the kitchen, since Tuesday, November 17, instead of Carina Zampini, who remains isolated by having tested positive for covid.

Politti will lead the start of the tenth season of the gastronomic reality show, with new participants, while Zampini (like his other driver, Juan Marconi, and the jury Felicitas Pizarro, also infected) recovers to be able to resume his place in the evening cycle in a few weeks.

“I am very happy with this challenge, it is a consolidated program that is doing very well,” Politti told Clarion. “Further, with Carina we know each other because, a long time ago, we did a soap opera together, Hot. I’ve already spoken with her and with the production and I’m ready. “

But this return, after two and a half months after the end of his cycle Cut and confection (also by El Trece), is a preview of his return with the sewing reality show, which is scheduled for January next year.

When his show ended, on August 21, it was in its third season. Despite performing very well with the numbers and the request of the public on social networks for its continuity, the channel decided to lift it off the air to put the magazine in that space Women of El Trece, which ultimately did not work and was lifted less than two months after debuting.

Far from feeling it as revenge, Politti reflects: “I always respect the work of others and even more so in this difficult context. I understand that on TV the rating is sought, it is part of the dynamics and you have to adapt,” says the host.

The return of Cut and confection, in its fourth season, will be in famous version. As she prepares to resume her program, Andrea takes the opportunity to rest, reflect and take care of the coronavirus, indoors.

At home, she has been sharing the confinement with her husband, Fernando, their 19-year-old son, Galo, and their dog, Charly. “We are a band, recovering the meeting place that at other times we did not have“.

“This is taking so long that I have the feeling that it revolutionized many things. But we will find out,” he says. “I took advantage of the time at home to devote myself to those everyday things, like cooking, which I like a lot, sewing, painting, which are what connect us with small pleasures and that is why they save us,” he says. “There is something going back to the origin in that and I enjoy it.”

The driver says that she organizes herself by going shopping only once a week. “And then I make do with what’s there until next time. Now, in the cooking show, I feel like I’m going to learn a lot and I love that.

Both cooking and sewing, according to Politti, are activities that are being revalued. “With Cut and confection We gave space again to dressmakers and couturiers, more than to designers, and we rediscovered the trade, “he explains.” I think that’s why it stuck with people. I was very moved by the audience’s response, the love that he showed me. “

In the new season, with the famous, it will also be the possibility to show how many artists know about sewing because, faced with the need, they manage to put together their own costumes. “When you start from the bottom in the middle, that happens frequently, you rummage around and learn, so it’s going to be fun,” he anticipates.

Starting from the bottom, she knows a lot that she has been working in the medium for more than 30 years as an actress and host. “I really need to challenge myself all the time. I always say that driving refreshed me as an actress. With the performance, I still have to do a one-man show“.

Used to working in a team, Politti is one of those who is always ready to put her shoulder. “I am very grateful, especially to El Trece, who always thinks of me for different projects. I am in a mature moment of life in which I learn to enjoy from another side, always with joy and putting a lot of wave to what I do “.

Hypersensitized by everything that caused this pandemic, Politti says: “I think that staying at home is more comfortable, but more painful at the same time. We are over-informed, but also a little disconnected and new problems appear that we do not know how to handle. But Ultimately, we are all in the same boat and we have to move forward. “


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