Before the start of the sixth day of auditions for “Romanians have Talent”, in which the competitors went on stage in front of the jurors, Andi Moisescu received the result of the COVID-19 test and found out that he is infected with the new virus.

As a result of this news, Andi did not join the film crew and isolated himself, taking into account all the medical recommendations. Meanwhile, filming continues, with all the necessary safety measures already being taken in the studios, he announced PRO TV.

“At the end of this week I tested positive for COVID-19, so I isolated myself and I will take all the necessary measures. At this moment I have no symptoms, which makes me hope that I will pass, well, and over this challenge! ”, declared Andi Moisescu.

Olivia Steer urged people to take off their masks

On October 24, Andi Moisescu’s wife, anti-vaccine activist Olivia Steer, posted on her Facebook page:

“In light of the new evidence:

1. take off your masks (legally, there is no obligation to wear them anyway),

2. go outside,

3. do sports and run in parks,

3. embrace each other when you see each other again,

4. Smile and laugh with your mouth to your ears,

5. Take your immunity back

6. and lives! “