The Jokers had a victory to catch over 55 minutes, but then the goalkeeper Anders Lindbäck groped twice and the game was clear.

– In the third set we got on top of the game, but then came one cool and a goal. The opponent got his goal relatively easily, the Jokers head coach Lauri Marjamäki indirectly criticizes Lindbäck. However, pushing the goalkeeper under the bus was clear.

Marjamäki’s dissatisfaction with Lindbäck’s grip became apparent after Lokomotiv’s fourth goal: the Swedish trout were removed from the ice in 56.25 and replaced by Janis Kalnins. Kalnins played just a minute and 18 seconds when the Jokers applied for a reduction at the end without a goalkeeper.

– In the first round we got good attacks on the opponent’s head, but in the second round we had the patience to cheat and the puck was left in the middle. The opponent defended very accurately. We were close but not close enough. This was only our tenth game, we need such experiences, Marjamäki said.

The rock was annoyed

Defender who made his first hit after 698 goalless days Tommi Kivistö explained why the Jokerit have scored the fewest goals in KHL.

– We have a good bundle and good players, an impactful team and a wide range of material. The competition for venues is fierce. We are going at a good level, but today’s loss is annoying. We can do better, Kivistö said.

Jokerit have conceded 15 goals in 10 matches played. The account is also burdened by a 0-5 loss imposed by KHL on Dinamo Minsk.