And what happened to George Clooney’s life?

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In the last three years, she has basically dedicated herself to raising her twins. He returns with two films he directs, one for Netflix, and another produced by Bob Dylan.

In just over six months, George Clooney he will become sixty. But the actor of The big scam it is, back, more active than ever.

Clooney’s career has had its ups and downs. And when it seemed that the star began to fade, more than anything because of perhaps not entirely correct decisions, he is again on everyone’s lips, with two films in which he plays the role of director, one that Netflix will premiere in December (and for which he could flirt with the Hollywood Academy again) and another that is a project aimed: adapting Calico Joe (2012), the best-selling novel John Grisham, and in which he will have Bob Dylan as a co-producer.

Regardless of demands when signing a contract – it is said that for his small role in Gravity, by Alfonso Cuarón, asked to build a basketball court and a jacuzzi next to his motorhome, the place where the actors rest between takes. Clooney does not skimp on his fortune to help those in need.

For example, on October 30, The Mill will reopen, a theater very close to the mansion that the interpreter has with his wife, Amal Alamuddin, in Berkshire, Great Britain. Opened in 1982, the “little theater” even has a restaurant, it had closed when the pandemic began and the Clooneys put in 11.5 million pounds (about 15 million dollars) to prevent its disappearance.

Clooney has no problem opening his wallet and donating to causes he deems just. Before the Covid-19 said present – in addition to aid to the theater, he donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the actors’ union, to the Lebanon Food Bank, to Lombardy (another of his mansions his Villa Oleandra, three floors, faces Lago di Como) and even the UK National Health Service – engages and engages others as Matt Damon, to help different institutions, such as the Red Cross or Unicef.

And after the explosion in Beirut, in August, the couple (Ameal is Lebanese) donated $ 100,000 to various charities.

Clooney is passionate about basketball (he is a Dallas Mavericks fan) and baseball. What’s more: he is a frustrated player, since when he was young he wanted to prove himself professionally, he did not pass the first round of selection. Well with Calico will have a kind of revenge.

The novel of the author of At the company Y The Pelican Report is slightly inspired by real events, and is about a promising young baseball who falls into a coma after being hit by a ball.

Since The master of money (2016), next to Julia Roberts and directed by Jodie Foster that the winner of two Oscars did not act in cinema (he did appear in 3 episodes of the series Catch-22 last year). And as director, in addition to two chapters of the war Catch-22, the above had been two failures: Suburbicon: Welcome to Paradise (2017) and the bodriazo Operation Monument (2014).

But what happened to Clooney’s life all this time?

He focused with his lawyer wife on two issues: humanitarian work, and raising their twins Ella and Alexander, who are now 3 years old.

Midnight sky (The Midnight Sky) is based on a science fiction story by Lily Brooks-Dalton. Clooney, who produced, starred and directed the film, plays Augustine, a scientist who in a post-apocalyptic future finds himself isolated in the Arctic, and tries to contact the crew of the ship Aeher … so they do not return to Earth. Felicity Jones, Sophie Rundle (the series Peaky Blinders) and David Oyelowo (Selma) y Kyle Chandler (Manchester by the sea, Bloodline) co-star.

The question is whether Clooney will get back on the right track as a director of movies like State secrets, Good night and good luck., and the crazy – but less crazy than Suburbicon-, Confessions of a dangerous mind. Hopefully.


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