Anca Sigartău and Marian Râlea form a couple in the latest fiction series produced by Ruxandra Ion and Dream Film Production, Adela. With a vast experience both on the small screens and on the theater stage, on Antena 1 the two will be Nuţi and Mitu, two key characters in the series.

“I keep sitting and thinking, ‘Who would have cast me in such a role?’ Nmeni! >> With the exception of Ruxandra Ion, maybe only my teacher, Dem Rădulescu, would have had the courage! Right now, when I talk about my role, I am on the set of Adela on the first day and I am very excited. I keep thinking about what Professor Dem Rădulescu was telling me: << Now, after you have finished your training, you should forget and make everything seem simple. I think that's the hardest thing, to make everything seem simple! ” , confesses Anca Sigartău, who also says “I feel safe working with an extraordinary team and that is a great thing for an actor. I haven't played much in the series and I'm scared, because I know I'm going to watch TV and say "ah, I could have done better and I didn't!" So far, all the premises are auspicious! ”.

Marian Râlea could not wait to return to the set, especially since the new production from Antena 1 brings him in the role of a Transylvanian, the kind of character he has not played for more than 30 years. “I came back on the set and I feel like a family reunion! I really missed it and I am very happy that we are starting a new project. We all needed this, after such a break, and the joy is even greater as I have as a partner Anca Sigartău, an actress with an extraordinary talent! ”

Ana-Maria, the daughter of a local baron, becomes pregnant at just 16 years old, which attracts the hatred of her father, who sends her to the country for a while. She will know for years that her daughter died at birth, while the little girl will be given by her grandfather to the care of an employee, Mitu (Marian Râlea), to raise her with his wife, Nuţi (Anca Sigartău). ). Thus, Adela and Andreea are two sisters who shared everything, until one of them finds out that she is in reality the daughter of a rich man and that her destiny is meant to be completely different. The mother of the two girls, Nuţi (Anca Sigartău), a stingy and bad woman, but full of charm and humor, sends her real daughter, Andreea, to the world of the rich. Thus, Andreea assumes the identity of her sister, Adela, and moves from the slum to a luxurious villa in Snagov, owned by the media mogul Paul Andronic. Andreea believes that her new family will give her everything she wanted in life and she is capable of anything to keep her new social position. Including lying to her “sister”, Adela, who is actually the real heiress.