Analysts report duration of immunity against coronavirus in those vaccinated with Nya vaccine

Previously, it was identified how the amount of antibodies against coronavirus in the blood of people who were vaccinated once with the Moderna vaccine (mRNA-1273) changes over a period of 57 days. About this reported in reports about the first level of her testing.

New info show how immunity against coranovirus persists in 36 participants from the first vaccine study, 119 nights after the first vaccination and 3 months after the second vaccine administration.

Scientists report that after revaccination, they discovered intensive production of binding plus neutralizing antibodies in study contributors after coronavirus. For three months, their own concentrations in the blood decreased as you expected, but remained high.

On day time 119, the antibody titer on the study participants was, on average, over that of people in the control class who had suffered COVID-19 34 nights before the test.

The study writers believe the new evidence suggests that health after vaccination may be long-term. Many people write that monitoring the level of antibodies in people vaccinated with this vaccine carries on, it is planned to evaluate it from the thirteenth month of the vaccination arena.

According to interim data from your third phase of the vaccine trial run, its effectiveness is 94.5%.



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