Data asked of people by Joe Biden won the presidential debate at the end of September, when Biden and Donald Trump encountered for the first time. It was a confusing occasion where the candidates spoke on top of each other and there was no time to deal with the actual issues.

Trump appeared to people as an aggressive stuntman who interrupted Biden’s speech numerous times. more often as Biden interrupted Trump.

This, of course, is Trump’s style, which is based on attacks rather than defenses. The big problem for the president is that the majority of Americans don’t like it.

Residents of the Libyan states want to know how the coronavirus will be tackled and how the economy will be repaired next, when tax cuts have already been used and interest rates are dragging on to zero. The majority of Americans seem to want a unifying politician who would calm the situation.

President Trump is a master at communicating to his own support group, but it doesn’t matter much to an election victory. Now the intention is to make suburban women believe that Trump is the right leader for just the current situation. The low-educated men of the South do vote for Trump, what happened.

The 2016 election was held in a boom season, and many of the suburban moderates did not like it Barack Obaman ending presidency. Experimenting with different options felt safe at the time, but now the playing field is completely different.

On the day of the debate alone, there are more than 40,000 coronary patients in U.S. hospitals, GDP dives, and tens of millions of people are unemployed. At the same time, polarization is increasing and in many cities, tensions have torn to the streets.

In a situation like this, people want different leadership than they did four years ago. This also requires Donald Trump to adjust to the situation.

Finnish time in the early morning hours starting at four debatissa Joe Biden probably sticks to “I am the president of all science and faith” message, and Trump must respond. He needs to listen, give a clear plan for caring for the corona, appear as a unifying politician, and tell you what tools the pack has in terms of finances.

Just flirting with your own nest Hunter Biden e-mails and meuhkaamalla “I have done an excellent job,” -väitettä, repeat not turn over a single reflective voters Trump side.

Maybe a few men in the South go to the polls because of this, but their voices are as important to the outcome of the race as the Republicans in New York.

The president has had four years to grow to the level required by the institution. Today is the last moment to bring out a new side or Donald Trump will be the only eighty-year-old opinion leader from January onwards.