– Will you shut up man?

For the first fifteen minutes, the reprimanded sentence actually crystallizes the entire first election debate between Trump and Biden. There were words from Biden, who in turn urged Trump to “keep slapping”.

If any American looked at the encounter with the duo in the hopes of learning more about the candidates ’future politics, he was greatly disappointed. The whole hour and a half followed almost the same pattern: talking on, avoiding questions, and random personalities.

Moderator, Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace was ringing when, in particular, Trump did not let another say roughly a word without interruption. Wallace also at one point raised the president’s account of this, noting that the two have suspended each other, but mostly Trump. Even as he asked Trump a question, this one started talking on.

– Gentlemen, I don’t like raising my voice, but why shouldn’t I be like you two? Wallace asked.

At no point did he really get control of the situation. Wallace did keep his head, asked at the beginning of his question if he had been interrupted, but he could not establish a proper order, let alone be able to tighten up the answers given next to the subject, and merely stated the matter.

If someone again came to see how “Sleepy Joe,” as Trump calls Biden, melts under pressure, he was also disappointed. Biden held up quite well against Trump’s attacks, spoke consistently when he was allowed to speak, and didn’t let Trump just under the skin. Admittedly, he called Trump, for example, ignorant, a racist, a pelle, and a liar, succumbing to injustice himself. But given the opponent, it hardly hurts his support.

– Hard to get any words through with this clown, Biden snorted at one point.

Did not give up on Trump. He made sure that Biden received contain many times through their message and followed four years ago completed the difficult questions by turning to one of his formula to another topic, or speaking beside the point. The words “radical left” and “left” popped out of Trump’s mouth at some point.

– The Democratic Party’s me, Biden defended a single stage like some Sun King.

“It’s about your family”

However, some clear spots were found in the middle of the fog. Biden took direct eye contact with the camera many times during the debate and didn’t care about Trump.

“This is not about my family or his family, but your family,” Biden said, staring tightly at the viewer as Trump tried to lay lies about his son.

This happened after Trump was left under the nail during the economic debate. Interestingly, Biden had a moment earlier claimed China was a “master of the art of theft” (adapting Trump’s book The Art of the Deal) and the current account deficit had widened, even though the reality is the opposite.

Biden sought to turn the debate on the corona pandemic in many places. He spoke to viewers, asking how many people now have an empty chair and argued that the current administration is unable to control the situation and hundreds of thousands of people will die.

“Billionaires and millionaires are doing well. How are you there at home? In small towns? Biden said, staring at the camera as he explained what a K-shaped recovery means.

Trumped by the coronary outburst, Trump tried to claim how the Obama and Biden administrations failed to treat swine flu, Biden replied coldly coldly: 14,000 people died, not 200,000, and there was no recession.

Biden also managed to point out that the Trump administration has proposed cuts in police funding, which may have come as a surprise to many viewers. He also reiterated Trump’s attitude towards Russia.

– The fact is that I am settled against each other Putinin and made it clear to him that we would not accept anything of his business. He (Trump) is Putin’s lap dog. He even refuses to say anything to Putin that a reward has been set on the heads of American soldiers, Biden shook at one point.

Speech to your own

Trump was also very successful from time to time. He made Biden, for example, reiterate that “Antifa is not an organization but an idea”. Completely useless factual correction that certainly sounds strange to some Americans’ ears.

“The radical left has gotten you around your little finger, you don’t even say the words law and order,” Trump said in the middle of a heated debate, getting Biden for a moment on the ropes when talking about the violence in the protests.

The tactics of “law and order” were the same as those against Clinton, with Trump accusing his opponent of not even using the words “radical Islamic terrorists”.

For his own part, Trump spoke forcefully explaining why the training of racial sensitivity in federal agencies, for example, was abolished.

“They gave sick ideas, taught people to hate our country, that our country is racist,” Trump said.

Trump also got his own message through by loading deceptions and lies that there was going to be some big fraud in the election and that there was already some evidence of that. Sowing disinformation and mixing people works for him.

Trump also scored on judge appointments, claiming that the Obama administration left him 128 vacancies to fill. In fact, the Republican-majority Senate did not confirm the appointments of judges.

No clear winner

I once likened Trump’s foreign policy ability to a chess game: it messes up the board, knocks down pieces, and rushes to his own to declare his victory. This was also the case in the debate. If you looked at it with Trump glasses on your head, you could see a familiar president doing exactly the same thing he has done before. Trump spoke to his supporters. He barely gathered new voters, but the appearance and responses were likely to please the core supporters.

The same probably applies to Biden. Although he had some bright moments, they were largely sidelined due to the saber rattle.

“An interesting hour and a half,” Wallace concluded.

Indeed. Maybe next time it might be more interesting to mute one microphone while the other is speaking.