Analysis: Great Britain Grand Prix Winners and Losers

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Although the 2021 Formula 1 season has only reached half-way, it already has many twists and turns. Red Bull Racing was not pleased with the Silverstone circuit’s outcome. Max Verstappen was the victim in the unavoidable contact between the title candidates. examines the top winners and losers.

The winners:

Rarely, if ever, is the same driver found on both sides. However, the performance of Lewis HamiltonThere is no escape from the British Grand Prix. While the crash and his behavior afterward – more about that later – don’t make him an immediate winner, a glance at the scoreboard will. After the dreadful ‘triple header,’ the Mercedes leaders declared that they were only one DNF away from Verstappen in title fight. This has been proven, although not in the most beautiful manner. Hamilton won his eighth Silverstone victory after the incident. However, it must be said that Hamilton was extremely lucky. Although the mild punishment is one thing; however, code red was also given when it was needed. Mercedes made it clear that Hamilton had quit without interruption. Valtteri Bottas, the ideal wingman, also helped out. After that Charles Leclerc was left to his own devices. Hamilton is clearly the winner. However, it is an understatement to say that he has had a few ‘cleaner wins’.

Many were pleased to have Hamilton’s win. Charles LeclercYou will see how it all ends. It was not so much due to the accident on the first lap but because Monegask finished a wild race in a still inferior Ferrari. Although Ferrari is now climbing out of the valley, and the car isn’t as bad this year, the SF21 still is not comparable to Red Bull and Mercedes. This means that Leclerc is not a good racer and has to have bad luck with his competitors. This was the case except for some issues with the engine. But it didn’t matter. He was able to see Hamilton pass him in Copse just two laps before it ended. It is significant that Hamilton hitchhiked this time, and chose eggs as his source of income. Leclerc, however, went too far and allowed the home rider to come alongside. Leclerc deserves the win, but he should be proud of himself for his performance regardless of whether he won the largest cup.

Ferrari continues to lead the fight for P3 among constructors with Leclerc in second. It was also necessary since McLarenAs a group, came out strong. The British brigade hoped to secure a podium spot for its people, but it was honest. This was far too ambitious but the Woking formation managed to make a good profit with P4 and 5 Lando Norris took fourth place, which is not surprising. The youngster is as consistent a Swiss clockwork, and it is no surprise that he holds P3 in this year’s world championship. He leaves Valtteri Bottas, Sergio Perez and many others behind. Although Daniel Ricciardo’s problems with McLaren are more severe, he also did well at Silverstone. His pace was much better than in previous weeks, and he held his own in both races. McLaren had a great British GP weekend.

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Did the contact between the title protagonists happen? It could be, though there are many questions about how. Christian Horner correctly pointed out that Silverstone is not a place where you can overtake at Copse Corner. It didn’t work at Leclerc, as the Ferrari driver was too far ahead. Verstappen didn’t do that, and found Lewis HamiltonOn his way. Copse says there is only one F1 line and that it was Hamilton’s. He was right most of the times and can get his hands shut with a ten second penalty. An appropriate penalty would have been a’stop and go’ for such a costly error of judgment made by an experienced man. Also, the celebrations that followed were not exactly in order. Hamilton did not immediately know that Verstappen had been admitted to the hospital. It is, however, inappropriate to celebrate after such an incident. Hamilton asked Verstappen about Verstappen quickly during the press conference, and indicated that he would like to call him. However, these points might prove to be valuable in the rest of the title fight but Verstappen does not necessarily take home the beauty prize.

It is possible to follow Hamilton’s footsteps. Race managementbe called a loser. Although F1 stewards are supposed to only focus on the incident and not the consequences of the event, the penalty is still quite small. George Russell was, for instance, given a grid penalty for a small tapping. Safety was not compromised. Yuki Tusunoda from Austria was also given five seconds for crossing the pitlane white line. These cases are not comparable one-to-one. Race management gave Yuki Tsunoda in Austria more condolences for crossing the white line when entering the pitlane. Incidents that are disproportionate to a touché in Copse with an impact of 51G as a result. Michael Masi states that this impact falls under the ‘the consequences’ category and is therefore not included in the assessment. This is true according to the law. However, it is a bit ambiguous: The two are inseparable. A dangerous overtaking maneuver that fails in the fastest corner of a circuit will naturally have a massive impact. It is not difficult to see why the stewards have chosen the second highest penalty. A disqualification is a call that goes far beyond the rules, however, a’stop and go’ penalty seemed more appropriate.

All of this has led to the following: Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racingwere recorded as losers. The Dutchman appeared to be doing a good job in the title fight, and that on a circuit that can be safely called a Mercedes stronghold. Verstappen grew his lead to 33 World Cup point on Saturday, but the gap fell to eight a day later. It was a very expensive Sunday for title fight. This goes for both the drivers and the constructors. This is due to Sergio Perez’s mess in England. The Mexican said he had pressed the reset button after the Austrian GP, ​​but that turned out not to be the right button. His spin in the sprint race was disastrous, and his Sunday performance was no different. Hamilton has taken the fastest lap point by having him come in during the final stages. This is the only positive thing. Red Bulll will find little consolation in this.

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