Since the summer, the U.S. presidential election has been Joe Biden destructible, which is why the Democratic candidate has appeared in the media and at campaign events as neutrally as possible. A big favorite of the competition has said it wants to see the United States invest in renewable energy, among other things, but so far Biden has not specified how this would be done.

Last Thursday for the last time encountered Biden and Donald Trump went through a hearty debate in which Biden’s sole purpose was to show for the last time that he was sane enough to serve as president.

Trump made an incomprehensible mess of communication by barking at Biden’s ability to perform months in advance of the debates. Anyone who hadn’t seen Biden in the last few months was waiting on stage for at least some precursor to dementia. By lowering the expected value, Trump created a situation where Biden had no choice but to win.

In that, Biden succeeded because he is a really good speaker and dissertationist who has been in similar arenas for fifty years. Trump’s campaign certainly curses the narrative created about dementia-Biden, as polls show that after the first debate, Biden began to take a decisive resignation from the current president.

In Thursday’s debate, however, Biden made a mocha by giving Trump guns for the final election week. Literally, the duo’s discussion proceeded as follows:

– Would you shut down the oil industry? Trump asked Biden a question.

– Yes. I would make a move forward, Biden replied.

– That’s a big announcement.

– That’s a big announcement.

– Why would you do that?

– Because the oil industry pollutes. It needs to be replaced with renewable energy with time, with time. I would stop subsidizing the oil industry at the federal level.

– In practice, he says, he would destroy the oil industry. Do you remember that, Texas? Do you remember it, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma?

– He takes everything out of context. The point, however, is that we need to move towards zero emissions.

So it wasn’t a big announcement, but Biden told what is being done all over the world: replacing oil with time with renewable energy. The only problem is that in Pennsylvania, for example, the entire oil industry was invented in the 1850s, and the inhabitants of the states are still strongly tied to black gold.

The same people are most likely to settle this election as well.

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According to polls, Biden’s leadership is currently so large that the Democrat has a chance to lose even Pennsylvania and Florida, but still win the entire race. Still, winning Pennsylvania would nail Trump’s coffin for once, so Biden’s campaign has put a lot of stakes in it.

Immediately after the debate on Friday, Biden’s campaign was defended for the first time during the election. The former vice president clarified that he is not quitting the oil industry, and the people of Pennsylvania don’t have to worry because over time, new energy industries will also create jobs.

However, Trump had smelled blood. The campaign is now in full swing after Biden’s oil comments, as so far nothing else has worked. According to polls, people like Hunter Biden problems as Hunter Biden’s problems, and Joe Biden’s questionable statements in the 1970s about racial segregation, for example, have not made any notch in Biden’s reputation either.

According to a survey by Pew Research, climate change is the most important political issue, according to Biden voters, while Trump supporters say it is the least important. So Trump can attack the issue in peace, because at least he won’t lose his support by downplaying climate change and emphasizing oil industry jobs in the United States.

Plus, Trump has nothing more to lose. In FiveThirtyEight’s forecast, Trump’s probability of winning is 12 percent, compared to 30 percent in 2016. By reversing Pennsylvania, the probability would already increase multiple.