The controversial expulsion of Novak Djokovic of the US Open is the hot topic in tennis these days. The Serbian lost the opportunity to win the second Grand Slam of the season for giving a ball, unintentionally, to a linesman and now the debate is on whether that rule is fair or not.

Those who are getting more wet in the matter are active and retired tennis players. Anabel Medina, former tennis player and current captain of the Spanish Federation Cup team, gave her vision on the Eurosport program ‘Pasando Bolas’, in which she also acts as a commentator.

For the Valencian, regardless of whether the norm is exaggerated or not, the important thing is that tennis players have a social responsibility towards new generations. “There are many children who are reflected in Djokovic. Why am I not going to hit the ball, Mom, if Djokovic does?“, he wonders.

“We are the first to set an example for children, even if they are more difficult to control. If we are the first to set an example, they learn from the elders. If we don’t have any such situation, they won’t get caught up in it because they don’t come nowhere, “he highlights.