Ana Paula Siebert wears the same look as her daughter: ‘How do I look when mom puts on pajamas’

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Ana Paula Siebert enchanted the web by sharing new photos with her daughter, Vicky, 4 months old. In the images, the model appears combining the look with the girl, fruit of the marriage with Roberto Justus. “How I look when mom puts on pajamas just like mine. Looks like the mother and daughter of Lua Luá. Ps: I can’t stand this smile”, she wrote to influence on the registration caption this Thursday (8). Like Ana Paula’s followers, Naiara Azevedo melted with the clicks. “Oh no, mom,” responded the singer.

Similarity between Ana Paula and daughter draws attention on the web

A resemblance between mother and daughter ended up impressing e did not go unnoticed by the fans of the businesswoman. “Vicky is literally your miniature,” said one. “She looks like you,” observed another. “Mini Ana Paula”, noted a third. “Guys, she is very much like you. Beautiful,” praised one user. Earlier, Ana Paula showed Vicky’s luxurious closet, which has a closet full of looks. “I ordered some clothes for her, because I wanted new things from Miami. They arrived and I am so sick of being beautiful,” he commented.

Influencer Vicky vaccine and vent

Sand getting used to some aspects of motherhood, Ana Paula described her distress when witnessing the heiress getting a vaccine. “Vicky is fine, but how bad it is to accompany her child’s vaccine. It seemed that the needle today was thicker, because she screamed so hard, asking for help. It was horrible. When the child grows we can explain that it works and it is important, but a baby … he is there giving you a smile and suddenly you put the vaccine on your little leg. I felt really bad! It felt like I was doing harm to her. “recently reported.

Model comments on prejudice for age difference with Justus

In a conversation with Internet users, Ana Paula Siebert spoke about the prejudice she has already suffered due to the age difference between her and 65-year-old Roberto Justus. The 32-year-old model noted that the public has come to respect the relationship over time. The two have been together for seven years, with five being married. “I already felt that … today, after so many years, I realize that people respect our relationship a lot! We built a history, a family, nothing like time to show who we really are and what we want in this life! Time is the greatest ally of the true “, he stressed at the time.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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