Ana Paula Siebert plans to wean her daughter, Vicky, 4 months old, and explains why. Look!

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Ana Paula Siebert answered a series of questions from her followers. Roberto Justus’ wife, whom he married in May 2015, said he felt prejudice for the age difference between them, 33 years old, but that this is now in the past. “I already felt that. Today after so many years, I realize that people respect our relationship a lot. We have built a history, a family. Nothing like time to show who we really are and what we want in this life”, said the mother of the little one Vicky, almost five months old and already surprising by the fashionista closet. “Time is the greatest ally of the real ones,” added Ana Paula.

Ana Paula denied having lipo after Vicky was born

Still in the conversation with the followers, Ana Paula stated that she has a nanny who helps her take care of her daughter. “She is ashamed to show up, so I think I should respect her, right?”, Asked Rafaella Justus’ influencer and stepmother, with whom she has a great relationship. On the other hand, the wife of the presenter, entrepreneur and singer denied that Vicky has a social network account managed by her parents. Another Internet user cleared up her doubts about Ana Paula’s lean body after Vicky’s birth. “Of course I didn’t do lipo. I breastfeed, how would I do that? I don’t think I can,” replied the participant of the sixth season of the talent-show “The Apprentice”, led by Justus on RecordTV.

Ana no longer demands herself as a mother: ‘I learned to have a rule of values’

Ana Paula also claimed to have undergone a change with motherhood when asked how she can divide her time. “I learned that we are going to have our values ​​rule, to know what is most important at that moment and not to blame ourselves for sometimes not achieving perfection at all! Take off the cover of Wonder Woman and be happy. Otherwise, we live in that dilemma of finding that it could always be better, “explained Vicky’s mother, whose routine is often detailed on social media.

Ana Paula will stop breastfeeding Vicky

To a follower, Ana replied that her daughter only knows about breast milk. “Vicky breastfeeds only breast milk, I never needed to supplement it. When I have to leave, I take it out with the pump and leave it for her to bottle,” he said. “But now I will start to give formulas little by little, because soon I will stop breastfeeding”, he revealed. The influencer stated that she does not intend to increase the family again – Justus is the father of five -, recalled that the girl’s birth occurred exactly 100 years after the birth of his mother, and intends to change the silicone prosthesis.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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