Ana Paula Siebert performs procedures on the face after pregnancy: ‘All at once’

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Ana Paula Siebert returned to do cosmetic procedures after the fifth month of her daughter’s life, Vicky – celebrated with a Halloween party. In Instagram Stories, Roberto Justus’ wife explained that she had undergone several treatments this week. “I decided to do everything at once, I was desperate. I confess, because I love doing these things,” he said.

Model made micropigmentation in the mouth and eyebrow

The catarinense explained that she was longer offline because she had micropigmentation on her lips. “There is a person missing here, due to a swollen mouth. You don’t understand how I woke up today. I didn’t have the courage to show up. Now I’m showing up here still very mouthful. Don’t think my mouth is going like this, because it won’t,” said Ana .

‘Pregnant nature’, says Ana Paula

Soon after, she explained that she had not taken such care in over a year. “I had been doing absolutely nothing since before my pregnancy. I was not undergoing skin treatment, I didn’t do botox, fillers, my microwaves I did yesterday. I did nothing, people. I was a pregnant nature. It was my choice. I didn’t want to do it nothing that could hinder my pregnancy, or later my breastfeeding “, said the model, who started weaning her daughter.

Justus’ wife denies filling and compares herself: ‘Jolie’

In the video, the businesswoman and influencer also explained that the swelling was temporary and had not been filled, but a micropigmentation to leave the lips more drawn and pink, without changing the volume. “Yesterday I did the eyebrow and the mouth, which is still very swollen. I’m very calm because I always did. I don’t fill my mouth, I have a big mouth”, argued Vicky’s mother, with whom she loves to combine looks. In an amusing tone, she quoted a Hollywood star: “I’m really Ana Paula Jolie, go!”

Model will do treatment on birth scar

Ana also said that her husband, Roberto Justus, had not seen the result of the procedures. “My husband kills me, he went on a trip … When he comes back today I’m going to be beaten,” said the model, good-natured. In addition to micropigmentation, she underwent laser treatments on her face and to soften the mark left by childbirth surgery. “I did everything with my face and now I came to the scar of my cesarean section, I’m going to have a laser to get rid of everything,” he said. In the caption, she added: “My scar got a little high. My genetics are like that and I already expected it. So I’m going to start the laser.” Check out the full video below!


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