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Presenter was not infected with covid-19

In March, Ana isolated herself in her room on suspicion of coronavirus. The businesswoman, however, tested negative for the disease. “This morning the results came out. I tested negative for the coronavirus, but I tested positive for other flu viruses. Yesterday I woke up with a much higher fever and shortness of breath. My doctor asked me to go to the hospital. That’s what I Once there, during the clinical evaluation, they decided to do a series of tests and also the coronavirus exam “, he reported.

Businesswoman obeys quarantine to avoid contagion of the disease

Ana remained at home with the correct flu medication. “Until then I was just taking antipyretic, also under the guidance of my doctor. And trying to eat well and doing a lot of hydration. I will continue in the same way now until all this is over, because if I don’t continue taking care of myself, I can develop pneumonia and I don’t want that “, commented the artist, who found her son after isolation.

Understand why artist suspected symptoms

Ana had a cough with discharge and pain in her joints, and the symptoms raised suspicions. “I had pain in my body, fever and chills. From Friday night to Saturday, I was talking to my doctor who asked me to do a guard and stay locked up in a room to avoid contact with anyone because of everything that is happening. There are two old people who live with us, who are Alexandre’s parents. One is 74 years old, the other 76. I had to be responsible and stay away from everyone so as not to run any kind of risk “, he lamented.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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