Ana Blandiana, Maia Morgenstern, Alexandru Tomescu, Marian Preda, Daniel David, Medeea Marinescu, Melania Medeleanu, Amalia Enache, Carmen Lidia Vidu, Cătălin Ştefănescu, Marius Manole, Dumitru Budrala, Karla Codrea, Francesca Velicu, Marius Chivu, Radu Vancu, Ivan Patzaichin, Dana Gonţ, Dan Perjovschi, Ana Barton, Ana Maria Brânză, Teodora Tompea, Ioana Ciurlea and Liviu Jicman are the ones who wrote emotional and encouraging messages to the children on the occasion of this special beginning of the school year.

The organizers of the “Calligraphy Hour” project want to remind both children and adults how important handwriting is and implicitly education. “Calligraphy Hour” is a PiArt Vision concept, organized in collaboration with the Cotroceni National Museum and supported this year by DPD Romania.

The letters were sent to the students in the context in which, this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the “Calligraphy Hour” could not take place as usual, with children in banks, along with Romanian personalities, who they shared their experience with the little ones and instilled in them a desire to learn.

Alexandru Tomescu: “Handwriting is one of the most faithful selfies”

“Handwriting is one of the most accurate selfies we can take: it tells us a lot about our personality”, wrote the violinist Alexandru Tomescu Ilincăi, a third grade student at the Gymnasium School No. 1 „St. Voievozi ”from Bucharest.

“I wish you the good fortune to discover, in this period of isolation, the joy of knowing the world by reading. The more books you read, the more your childhood during the pandemic, which you will leave behind growing up, will be more beautiful and full of meaning “, the writer Ana Blandiana addressed Miruna.

“My dear friend Maria, I am very happy and very excited that I can write to you like this, by hand”, confessed, in writing, the actress Maia Morgenstern. “I want you to follow your passions”, the actor Marius Manole called the little Eva Nicole, while the actress Medeea Marinescu wrote to Cosmin that he wants them to enjoy “the school years”.

Dan Perjovschi: “Letters are like animals”

“Wherever you take classes – in class, with colleagues or at home, in front of the laptop – it is important to know that you are learning for yourself. And not just for now, but for life. You will see: with every new thing you learn, you will discover the world. And you will conquer it “, is the message of the director Dumitru Budrala, the director of Astra Film Festival.

“Letters are like little animals. If you lengthen M’s middle and round the parts, he may be an elephant. This is how you can play with letters: every word is a herd or a group of creatures “, is the original message sent to Yasmina by the artist Dan Perjovschi.

“Dear Eva Maria, please look at this school year as a wonderful trip from which you have a lot to learn … Take care of the champion in you”, wrote the multiple champion Ana Maria Brânză, and Ivan Patzaichin sent her an emotional message to Eduard, the athlete in the class: “This year, which turned us all upside down, you have to build your team wisely. It is made up of your parents, teachers, colleagues and friends … These teammates will inspire you to pursue your ambitions, to overcome obstacles and to fulfill your dream ”.

UBB Rector Daniel David: “The safest way to be well in life is education”

“When you draw something, you imagine what it will look like at the end. At first, everything is just in your mind, then it takes shape, it comes to life, line by line, point by point. So is school. Every book read, every lesson learned is like a dot, like a spot of color that completes the drawing and makes it clearer “, Marian Preda, rector of the University of Bucharest, carefully handwritten.

“You will hear some people say that they can be successful even without school. Don’t believe them. These are rare events and good luck. It’s not the path worth following. The safest way to be well in your life is education “, underlined Daniel David, rector of Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

Marius Chivu: “Teaching will make you even more beautiful”

“The word is energy, Andreea, it is strength, it is emotion. The word binds and unties, draws and draws away, rejoices and saddens, raises and lowers. Only we, the people, depend on what power we give to the word “, is a part of the soul message of the writer Ana Barton.

“Education is the thing you will enjoy the most in life. And the teaching will make you even more beautiful. With each book you read, which is worth a trip around the world, the more beautiful you will become. Books will always make the difference between you and others “, the writer and literary critic Marius Chivu told Evelyna.

And the poet Radu Vancu wrote to Stefania that the fact that he wants to learn the secret and the art of reading will bring him a lot of beauty in life. “Reading will take you to a magical forest I walked through when I was your age and, when I’m lucky, I still walk,” the writer confessed.

“To enjoy school, not to be afraid to make mistakes, not to be afraid to ask, to be kind to yourself and those around you”, is the teaching of the director Carmen Lidia Vidu.

“Education will give you the strength to know how to go your own way. Learn from school, from people, from stories. You will find so many answers “, wrote by hand, as in calligraphy textbooks, the journalist Dana Gonţ.

In order to support the initiative, the Cotroceni National Museum will organize between October 15 and November 15 an exhibition with letters and handwritten documents kept by the Museum. Along with these historical exhibits, copies of the letters sent to the children of personalities involved in the “Calligraphy Hour” will be exhibited. The exhibition can also be seen online, on the Museum’s website.

The project, which is in its fourth edition this year, is a cultural-educational concept through which personalities from Romania, from different fields, transmit an urge for thorough education. In the first stage of this year’s edition of the Calligraphy Hour, several personalities sent a video message to all children in Romania.