Italian football looks towards the match that your U21 team dispute before Ireland at the Garibaldi stadium in Pisa. It is not just another meeting, since It will be played by his U-20 team after detecting a source of contagion in the under-21, according to ESPN.

This team already saw the game against Iceland suspended, scheduled for October 9, 2020 in Reykjavik, after two players and a member of the coaching staff will test positive in COVID-19 before leaving for Iceland.

In sports it is not just another game, since it is a direct duel against the leader of the group. The transalpine complex is Irish 3 points, although he has played one game less after the postponement of Italy-Iceland.

For the duel against Ireland, the Italians will have Tonalli, Cutrone, Ricci Y Thin as reinforcements, according to the aforementioned media, since they overcame the disease in their day.