An outbreak of coronavirus detected in a plant of the Hospital de Son Llàtzer in Palma

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The Ministry of Health of the Balearic Government has reported this Saturday, through a statement, that it has proceeded to disinfect floor 4 B of the Hospital de Son Llàtzer, located in Palma, after having been detected yesterday afternoon in said unit a coronavirus outbreak.

Initially, it was confirmed that there was 18 healthcare professionals and seven patients who had tested positive for Covid-19. This circumstance led to generalized PCR tests at that plant. In total, 30 workers were screened, among which two more positives were detected.

At the same time, the disinfection of the entire plant 4 B and the transfer of patients from that unit to other areas of Son Llàtzer. In principle, it is expected that on the afternoon of this Saturday the activity in the aforementioned plant will resume, once it has already been completely disinfected.

The statement issued by the Ministry of Health indicates that the Son Llàtzer Hospital “does not suffer healthcare pressure right now, so patients have been able to relocate until this afternoon, when the 24-hour disinfection period ends.”



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