An option to go virtual camping with the boys

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It’s called “Zoompamento” and it has already generated a small phenomenon among the little ones. There will be performances on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of September.

Gabriel Wizna, better known as Gabichu, for 20 years he has been dedicated to children’s show. He is part of the band Los raviolis and acts in the group Laberinto masticable. With the pandemic of coronavirus his work was paralyzed. However, he looked for alternatives and today he is part of Zoompaments, a highly innovative virtual show for boys that has the presence of renowned musical figures.

“This starts with the pandemic and everyone is looking at us and saying now what to do. I saw that the kids were in anyone. At that time, society was half altruistic. I was asked what I could do to contribute to this situation,” he says Gabichu about Zoompaments.

From the Chewy Labyrinth Instagram account they began to make live videos every day. “It exploded through the air, everyone was watching.” Then the “zoomples” were added. The theater company started to animate birthdays through the Zoom application. “We began to have an unexpected flow of labor.”

Thanks to the good acceptance of the public to the new artistic proposals, it was born Zoompamentos, a virtual show in which in addition to music and theater numbers, the public has to camp somewhere in their home.

“We think of all instances of a camp. The boys have to pitch a tent, carry a backpack with things, and spend a night in. Those who cheer up sleep in the tent and those who don’t go back to their beds. And obviously the next day it continues “, explains Gabichu.

Hours before the show, the boys receive tutorials to set up a shop with homemade things, in case they don’t have one. They have to decorate it and can carry all kinds of stuffed animals or objects. In the backpack they should put a flashlight and something tasty to eat.

The show features various acts. There is music that makes all the campers jump, a treasure hunt, an activity that cannot be missed in any camp, acts of magic and humor. In addition to Gabichu, Mauro Vuoto as Miss Nélida, and the magician Antoñanzas, and Gustavo Nilsson as Sebastián act.

“To the first zoompamento 180 people came, 250 to the second. There are guys who came at eight zoompaments we did. 500 people came to the third and fourth. The quota was completed. A code began to be installed. There are groups of friends who are in the zoom. They make posters and put them on the zoompamento to meet, “explains Gabichu.

The virtual meeting begins at 9:30 p.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m. At 10:30 the next morning the meeting continues to have breakfast all and play together for a while. The next performances are Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12. Tickets are available at Alternative Theater at 350 pesos.

“What we do is good for the mental health of the children. The boys are with their family in one way and another when they are alone. They are no longer alone, they are always under the eyes of the family and in the same environment. They stopped being able to be with their friends without anyone seeing them. And that’s very heavy for a kid. The boys are having a really bad time, “reflects Gabichu.

The last show had the participation of León Gieco. “He asked to join, because his grandson was there and he wanted to sing for him. The ghost of Canterville and Think of nothing. Now other musicians want to join in. ”

“That the artist who composed that song sings it to the kids seems spectacular to me. It is of a value that the kids are not going to realize, nor are they going to care, but it is what you plant in their heads. Today they may not know who León Gieco is, but one day they will know, “Gabichu closes.



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