Finnish fitness athlete Eevi Teittinen says On Instagram of his life. In his recent update, Teittinen says he is in a transformation.

– Oh, how am I doing? I could answer but that well, or else I could also tell you that I am living in a period of adolescence that causes pain, frustration, even anger. I have always been the one with the direction, the goal and the plans clear. Now I live in an era where I question everything, Teittinen writes.

He says the discomfort has lasted for a long time, even a couple of years. Teittinen says he has not yet found the passion and feeling he is looking for. However, he believes the passion will be found again. He says he has rebuilt his world of values ​​from scratch.

– Has had to give up and keep going. I think that’s the only way to build something new and rediscover that passion and love for doing things. We all have steps, and it can’t always be but neat and clear, Teittinen concludes his text.

The release has received a lot of comments, mostly hearts.

– Wonderful text, write one.

– You’re in good shape, says another.

The teen has been involved in many things and has been popular blogia for long. On Instagram, he has more than 115,000 followers. He is one of Instagram’s most watched Finnish stars.

Teittinen does not elaborate on what things mean in his text. Attempts have also been made to reach him on the subject.

Eevi Teittinen became famous in 2015 when she competed in the Bikini Fitness Finnish Championships. Teitinen won the championship. Since then, he has been seen in Fitness Diaries, for example.

Teittinen is dating UFC wrestler Teemu Packelén. The couple’s family grew up with a puppy in the summer of 2020. The couple has two homes, as there are jobs in Turku and Helsinki.

– For me, the quality of life really improved, because everyday life and work patterns became really much easier with this apartment, Teittinen wrote in his blog about the second apartment in the summer of 2020.