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According to the indictment, the 81-year-old man was driving his car outside the populated area of ​​Kiskunfélegyháza on the afternoon of February 5, 2019, in which the also elderly wife and the accused’s daughter were traveling. Daytime, with good visibility, the accused made a mistake and drove up to the M5 motorway towards Szeged.

The defendant turned against the traffic from the acceleration lane separated by the closing line on the highway and through the area closed to vehicle traffic, i.e., he turned left into the inner traffic lane of the highway.

The old man began to reverse in order to leave the highway, but meanwhile a car in front of him collided with the front of the car at a speed of about 120-125 km / h. As a result of the collision, the accused’s car drifted into the acceleration lane, while the other car drifted along the lane barrier separating the track bodies.

In the crash, the defendant’s elderly wife – who was traveling in the back of the car with her seat belt fastened – suffered such serious injuries that she died at the scene. Her daughter, who, like the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident, suffered serious injuries that healed beyond 8 days, also traveled with the seat belt attached to the defendant.

The accident occurred because the defendant violated traffic rules that prohibit turning on highways. The accused’s driver’s license was taken away by the investigating authority on the spot.

The elderly man, who has been defending his liberty and has had a driving license since 1952, is accused by the district prosecutor’s office of negligently causing a fatal road accident and has been banned from driving. The guilt of the accused will be decided by the Kiskunfélegyháza District Court.



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