An intense ash fall from the Sangay volcano affects several cities in Ecuador

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The Sangay volcano has caused a 10 kilometer ash column high that has caused an intense ash rain on cities such as Alausí, Chillanes and other towns in the Central Sierra of Ecuador.

The Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School of Ecuador, in charge of observing the volcanic and seismic activity in the country, has warned that the ash could even reach the coast.

There is “a significant increase in their level of eruptive activity, especially at from 4:20 am, when the seismic records show the occurrence of explosions and ash emissions much more energetic than any of those observed in the preceding months “.

As of 4:40, “various satellite images show a large ash cloud, rising to a height probably greater than 6 kilometers up to 10 kilometers above the crater of the volcano, with the highest part of the cloud heading east, while the lower part heading west of the volcano. “

The residents of the affected towns have reported poor visibility, due to the ash fall from the Sangay volcano. Ash fall started on saturday night. A dense layer of ash has covered houses and plants.

“There are reports of ashfall in the Matrix, Crowd, Huigra, Sibambe and Tixan. The sky is dark and the ash continues to fall, “explained a spokesman for the Alausí municipality, Diego Tello.

The Geophysical Institute has published ash dispersion models that show that “there is a high probability of ash fall in the provinces of Chimborazo, Bolívar, Guayas and Los Ríos, and less likely in Santa Elena and Manabí “.

“If the emission intensifies, in the next few hours the fine ash could reach the city of Guayaquil. This phenomenon has been recurrent since the reactivation of the volcano in May 2019 “explains the body.



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