An indie artist made fun of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones left him wanting to be Top 1

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With the brand new reissue of Goat Heads Soup, originally released in 1973, the band topped the British chart for the 13th time.

A battle, somewhat anachronistic in times of streaming, it was given by album number 1 in the United Kingdom. With her second album,. Zeros, Declan McKenna, a new promise from indie-rock, It was heading to be the new Top 1, but none other than The Rolling Stones, who reissued their 1973 album, came out to compete Goat Head Soup. And after several days of technical draw, the old piolas finally took the lead again.

The old new Stones album, in its brand new release, became the new number 1 in the UK after selling 13,100 units in a week. While Zeros came in a respectable second place, dispatching 12.400 do you copy.

For Mick Jagger and his family it is also a record: with this number number already they add 13 Top 1 in the British charts, managing to achieve that position for six consecutive decades of music, equaling Elvis presley and Robbie Williams in number of numbers 1, and remaining only behind the beatles, which add insurmountable -until now- 15 number one.

The beauty of the matter is Declan McKennaThe daring 21-year-old had gone out to wet the Stones’ ear, donning a crafty T-shirt that read “Who the fuck is Mick Jagger?”, in lawsuit sympathetic-evident with the grandparents of rock. The proud hand in hand continued his route on Instagram, where the young composer posted the following: “I’m so close to a number 1 Your support means everything. Streaming is not going to count right now. Go and buy a copy. We can do it”. The plea did not reach. The shirt, either.

His debut had been three years ago with the pistero What Do You Think About the Car: Top 11 in 2017. With his second opus, Zeros, the promotion dynamics was done by dripping simple that worked very well as Beautiful Faces, The Key to Life on Earth and Be an Astronaut. Engrossed in his silent dispute, and flaunting typical English humor, McKenna too did his version of Satisfaction via TikTok.

What did that mean? Asked his followers on the networks. Nothing, simply that the singer does not stop smiling since he knows that he will be able to tell his descendants a most attractive tale: at a strange moment in his life, in the midst of a pandemic, he knew what it was compete against the Rolling Stones themselves.

The Rolling did not acknowledge receipt. What’s more, it seems they didn’t even try to find out who is that sassy brat who dared to question the identity of Jagger.

Goats Head Soup It was (and is) the LP that cut a timeless Stones single: Angie, one of the most popular ballads of the band. A few other themes that stood out on that album were Dancing With Mr D and Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker).

The album was the product of a complex stage for the Stones, which included trips to Jamaica and somewhat obscure recordings. Critics treated the album badly and they took over by pulling almost every song off their tour and live recital lists. “A lot of people said it’s not such a highly regarded record,” said Jagger. “I guess I am one of those people.”



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