Niklas Hagmanin and Kia Lehmuskoski jive surprised with pace and amazing acrobatic stunts.

Even before the start of the program number, Niklas seemed particularly focused in the hall.

When the jive started, it was clear right from the start that there was no lack of momentum in the dance.

As the dance progressed, something almost historic was seen in Dancing with the Stars. Hardly ever has a star student reached as hard jumps as Niklas did.

One of the highlights of the program number was when Niklas jumped over Kia Lehmuskoski.

As this was a Pink Ribbon special episode, only one of the judges gave oral feedback.

– This was absolutely brilliant. What a hip in that chicken walk and great acrobatic jumps. There was a bit of an rhythm at one point, but yes this dance celebrated life, chairman of the jury Jukka Haapalainen enthusiastic.

May Day Dark in the interview, Hagman gasped quite hard.

– Yeah, jive is one of my favorite dances, here you can rip it off properly, the man admitted.

The dance couple got from Jukka Haapalainen and Helena from Ahti-Hallberg 9 points, but Jorma Uotinen shook ten.

This time, no one dropped out of Dancing with the Stars.

Dances with the stars on MTV3 on Sundays at 7.30pm.