An expert in Amazonian tribes dies after being hit by an arrow in the chest

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Rieli Franciscato, a famous expert on Amazonian tribes, died this Wednesday after being hit by an arrow in the chest when he was visiting the land of an uncontacted indigenous tribe, reports the BBC.

The events occurred in a remote area of ​​the Amazon in the state of Rondonia, in northwestern Brazil.

Franciscato, 56, was carrying out a mission to monitor the contact of uncontacted Indians with other people, within his work for the National Indian Foundation of Brazil (Funai).

Apparently, the indigenous person who attacked him could not differentiate between friend or foe.

La Funai mourned his death and recalled that Franciscato “dedicated his life until the last second doing what he loved the most: fight for the peoples of the jungle. “

According to the BBC, Franciscato and his team were attacked when approaching a tribe. The scout tried to hide behind a vehicle, but was hit by an arrow near the heart. According to a policeman who was with him, Franciscato “screamed, pulled the arrow from his chest, ran 50 meters and collapsed, lifeless”.

Gabriel Uchida, a photographer who was also there, said the tribe is known as the ‘isolated group of the Cautario river’, which until now was considered a peaceful group. “This time there were only five armed men, a war group. That means something must have happened for them to seek revenge, “Uchida said.



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