an exclusive clip with the psychoanalyst Golshifteh Farahani and her bearded boss

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A sofa in Tunis has traveled the world, passing through the Venice Days of Authors, where it won the Audience Award. We present an exclusive clip of this story starring the talented and chameleonic Golshifteh Farahani. The film hits theaters on October 8, with BIM Distribuzione.

A sofa, even if not exactly modern, a beautiful framed portrait of Freud, rendered at zero kilometers by a red fez on his head, the desire to listen to others and give advice: here is a psychoanalysis cabinet, in the dynamic heart of Tunis. Not only that, given the mild climate, why not receive patients directly on the roof, in the open air and in the sun. It is this premise, tastefully incongruous for a very religious country where psychoanalysis lovers do not really triumph, to pleasantly surprise from the start in A sofa in Tunis, in cinemas from 8 October. Just enough time to recognize the protagonist, one of the most multifaceted talents in cinema in recent years, Golshifeth Farahani, which in the film is Selma, thirty-year-old trained in Paris who returns to the city of her birth to pursue the career she has always dreamed of, that of psychoanalyst. After all, what better place than a city that looks like a little town, where everyone gets to know each other’s facts and gives advice that is almost never requested?

Farahani was born in Iran, has been active since childhood in the theater and then in the cinema, where she began to build a career that is also appreciated abroad. The note Ridley Scott choosing her for the role of the seductive nurse Aisha, female protagonist alongside Leonardo Dicaprio in No truth. A film that was her first success, paving the way for Western cinema, but also the interpretation that angered the bearded intolerant of the Iranian regime, who banned him from the country for the “unacceptable” romantic scenes.

Graduated from the school of music, also a musician and songwriter, Golshifteh Farahani was the first Iranian to set foot in Hollywood, where he also starred in Exodus, again by Scott, Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge, alongside Johnny depp, Paterson of Jim Jarmusch, but also in Europe, especially in France, where it has established itself and obtained one candidacy for Caesar as best female promise in 2014. A true talent, a woman of great intelligence, capable of acting in seven different languages, from French to English, from Indian to Kurdish to Arabic.

A sofa in Tunis is the first work of Franco Tunisian Manele Labidi, she also returned home to shoot the film a bit like Selma in the film, which describes the choice and the relationship with Farahani. “I really wanted to work with her, she has an extraordinary cinematic power, something strange happens on the screen that is difficult to explain, but which, in my opinion, falls within the realm of magic. Her life path then brought her closer to Selma, she had to learn the role in an instinctive and emotional way. She was my ally on set ”.

The revolution is now behind us, and in a country that is now increasingly schizophrenic cis in great need of shrink, but Selma does not want to give up the photo of her “boss”, of her point of reference, as shown in this one funny clip of A sofa in Tunis, which we present as a preview and exclusive.



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