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Lewis Hamilton achieved a victory that catapults him towards his seventh World Cup and equals him in victories with Michael sSchumacher, who maintained the best record with 91 wins in Formula 1. His victory was created after an error by Bottas, who had signed a perfect weekend until he made a plane, lost positions and ended up damaging his car. The Briton achieved the seventh win of this seasona in the 11 races held and already leads Bottas by 69 points with only six laps to go until the end of the season. An excessive distance even for the most optimistic. Came second Max Verstappen, which increases doubts about what role it would have played this year had it been possible to have a better car. The drawer completed it Daniel Ricciardo a historic milestone for Renault, which had not been on the podium since Malaysia 2011. 93 Grands Prix have passed since then. Carrerón de Carlos Sainz, who finished fifth, behind Checo Pérez.

Ten laps lasted the quiet at Nurburgring. Those that were raced until the first drops of rain appeared on the legendary circuit. Until then, grid order had been maintained after a great start from Valtteri Bottas, who bravely endured Hamilton’s onslaught in the first corners. A Vettel top started the dance after locking his wheels when he was changing trajectory, forcing him to pit, but the hit came a lap later when Bottas incomprehensibly made a mistake that he took advantage of Hamilton to get in first. The Finn made a plane and caused vibrations in his car. He pitted when the race was under control and came fourth behind Ricciardo. Meanwhile, Raikkonen was hitting Russell (the Alfa Romeo driver was given ten seconds for it), kicking the Englishman out of the race. The incidents were happening. Kyviat lost the front wing (lap 17) after a touch with Albon causing a yellow flag that overlapped with serious problems for Bottas. The Mercedes driver suffered engine problems and began to lose positions. He had to re-enter the pitlane but could no longer get out. Varapalo for the Finn, who lost the opportunity to get closer to Hamilton in the World Cup qualification.

The hydraulic problems suffered by the Renault de Ocon allowed that on lap 23 Carlos Sainz ran in fifth position. Hamilton led followed by Verstappen, Norris and Checo Pérez. But the Madrid driver had not yet entered the pits and when he lifted him on lap 29 he came out eighth threatening Gasly’s place, which he quickly overtook and was placed behind Norris, who had lost position with respect to Pérez (lap 32) . Leclerc’s entrance to the pits and McLaren driver progression allowed him to place fifth past the test meridian.

Norris’s abandonment with fifteen laps to go and the departure of the Safety Car created a completely new race. They all entered to mount soft tires and entrust themselves to luck, with a new sprint start on cold tires, with the dangers of being able to make a mistake in the first corner as soon as the race begins. Hamilton and Verstappen complained that the safety car was too slow and the tires were getting too cold, something with incidence considering the cold of the Nurburgring and the 16 degrees in which the asphalt was. He perfectly managed the restart Hamilton, who held first place until the end and suffered Verstappen to keep second place. In the end there were no changes until seeing the checkered flag.



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