The encryption machine was found in Gelting Bay by a crew of divers conducting operations to establish and get well deserted fishing nets that endanger marine life for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

At first, divers thought they’d discovered a easy typewriter. However archaeologist Florian Huber shortly realized that this was an distinctive discovery.

“I’ve made some unusual and thrilling discoveries over the past twenty years. However I’ve by no means dreamed of someday discovering one of many legendary Enigma automobiles,” mentioned Dr. Huber.

An "Enigma" encryption machine utilized by the Nazis, found by German divers within the Baltic Sea

The “Enigma” machines helped the Nazis encrypt and decrypt messages with a view to talk secret data throughout World Conflict II. However British cryptography specialists, led particularly by the well-known mathematician Alan Turing, managed to decrypt these codes, which allowed the Allies to realize a bonus within the naval battle for management of the Atlantic Ocean.

Shortly earlier than the German give up in Might 1945, crews on about 50 submarines adopted the order to sink their ships to keep away from seize by the Allies. That is when the “Enigma” automotive, found by divers, might have reached the underside of the ocean, Dr. Huber estimates.

The gadget will attain the Archaeological Museum in Schleswig. It’s estimated that there are a number of hundred left on the earth, a few of them promoting for tens of 1000’s of euros at auctions.