An autistic boy was injured by the police in the United States, in another fact that questions the abuse of that force

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The mother called 911 for an episode of disturbance in her son and the police ended up shooting him.

A 13-year-old boy with autism was seriously injured by the United States police after his mother called them because he had an outbreak, in what is an incident more than fuels the controversy over police abuse in the country.

Linden Cameron, aged 13, was going through an episode of mental disturbance when his mother, Golda Barton, called the emergency number 911 for assistance in the city of Salt Lake City, in the state of Utah.

I told them i was unarmed, he had nothing, he just gets mad like that and starts screaming. He is a child trying to attract attention, “the mother told the local network. KUTV.

When the police arrived on the scene, the boy fled and in pursuit one of the officers shot him several times.

“During a short chase on foot, an officer fired his gun and hit that person,” said Sgt. Keith Horrocks of Salt Lake Police at a press conference. “He was transferred to the hospital in serious condition,” he said.

The minor suffered injuries to his shoulder, intestines, bladder and ankles.

He’s a little boy, why don’t they just knock him down?“the mother said tearfully, remembering what she was imploring the officers on.

According to the police version of the procedure, Linden was considered a suspect of “threats with a gun“towards acquaintances, but according to Horrocks, no evidence was found at the scene of a weapon “at this point”.

In a country rocked by protests against police brutality following the scandalous deaths of some citizens of color, Cameron’s situation sparked the complaint from local disability organizations.

“The police were called in to help, but what they did instead was more damage,” said the Utah-based Neurodiverse organization.

Cameron’s case is reminiscent of Daniel Prude, a 41-year-old black man with mental problems who died of suffocation in police custody after being arrested on March 23 in Rochester, New York.

At that time, the authorities were responding to a call from the victim’s brother for help in the midst of this psychological crisis.

Source: agencies.



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