an Austrian village chooses to rename itself

The inhabitants of the Austrian town of Fucking decided to change the name to “Fugging”, in the hope of thus escaping the invasive interest of Internet users, the city council reported Thursday.
“The mayor’s office decided to rename Fucking as Fugging as of January 1, 2021,” Andrea Holzner, mayor of Tarsdorf, a municipality to which Fucking belongs (in Upper Austria), located 350 km east, wrote in an official document on Monday. from Vienna, with barely a hundred inhabitants.
For many years, the curious came only to be photographed next to the traffic panels of the town, sometimes adopting somewhat suggestive positions, with the aim of posting word games on social networks.

Tourists from all over the world used to travel to Fucking, about 25 miles north of the historic city of Salzburg, to have their photo taken next to the town sign. Over the years, numerous Fucking signs disappeared, until the town council of the town decided in 2005 to place them in cement to prevent thefts, reports Efe.

In the past, there was not a clear majority among the inhabitants to change the name, since the residents near the entrance panel were in favor, while the rest were against.



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