Instagram star who appeared as a cat Monique Agostino, 25, has now had to change his fantasy outfit to the greens of an Australian prison.

Agostino had thousands of followers and earned his living as a social media influencer.

However, the livelihood was apparently not wide enough as he succumbed to the path of crime two years ago. He was accompanied by a group of teenagers as they broke into a disguised Pound of Pizza restaurant and several shops and cafes.

Masks on

The catches remained small, tens or a few hundred Australian dollars. A credit card was taken from one café, with which Agostino bought food from McDonald’s worth about seven euros, writes Daily Examiner.

The crowd was recorded with images from numerous surveillance cameras and the masks were caught by the Catwoman and partners.

Agostino was then sentenced to two years in prison. In addition to burglary, he was guilty of shoplifting and possession of methamphetamine.

The judge warned the young Instagram star that his life “is going down the toilet”.

Agostino, for his part, made a covert threat to the judge that if he injured himself in prison, that would be the judge’s fault. He said he was depressed and anxious behind bars.

The judge told Agostino that this should not blame others for their own bad choices.

“Amateur crimes”

Agostino appealed the severity of his sentence and he was released on parole earlier this year.

However, he broke the rules of his probation and was arrested again on 5 September.

Agostino’s lawyer Pawel Kulisiewicz said in court that his clients ’crimes were amateurish and they always knew they would get caught.

The feline now received an absolute sentence of 12 months, from which she has the opportunity to be released after six months.