“If the world ends in 2020, they won’t be able to blame the universe.” And is that the asteroid 2018VP1, the size of the refrigerator, could impact the Earth’s atmosphere on November 2. However, if this happens, it will most likely disintegrate without causing damage, according to scientific popularizer Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The eve of the elections in the United States is, then, the moment in which NASA estimates, with a 0.41% probability, that this Apollo-class asteroid will land on our planet. And if this happened, the body would be visible near the entry point of the atmosphere, even during the day, but it would not “disrupt our civilization”added the astrophysicist, because “the asteroid is not large enough to successfully impact the Earth’s surface. At its speed, at more than 40,555 kilometers per hour it is like hitting a wall head-on.

There is great uncertainty about its trajectory, since the last time it was observed was in November 2018. This is why it is calculated that it will most likely go to half a million kilometers away from Earth. Of course, NASA reiterated in August that there is no danger with the arrival of this asteroid the day before the plebiscite is held in the United States.