The prevalence of median artery on the forearm of adults has revealed that our species is still evolving unique ways and changes in natural selection could be the main reason.

As the research published in the Journal of Anatomy, the median artery is the main vessel supplying blood to the human forearm and hand during the childhood years. However, with the arrival of adulthood, this same disappears when replaced by two other arteries, the radial and the ulnar.

The funny thing is that, currently, there are many people who retain said median artery throughout its life, in addition to the other two arteries, living with all three during its existence. A study, based on the analysis of published records and the dissection of corpses of individuals born in the 20th century. which shows that modern humans are evolving at a faster rate than at any time in the last 250 years.

And is that the prevalence of this vessel was around “around 10% in people born in the mid-1880s compared to 30% in those born in the late twentieth century. A significant increase in a fairly short period of time , with regard to evolution, “according to Dr. Teghan lucas from Flinders University. But it is that, in addition, this evolutionary trend will continue in those born in 80 years, and the median artery will become common in the human forearm.

Such a change “could have resulted from gene mutations involved in median artery development or health problems in mothers during pregnancy, or both. If this trend continues, most people will have the median artery of the forearm by 2100 “

For his part, the main author, Professor Maciej Henneberg, who is also a member of the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich (Switzerland), has stressed that median artery offers benefits, as it increases the blood supply in general and can be used as a replacement in surgical procedures in other parts of the human body.