An appeals court rules in favor of Trump submitting his tax returns to the Attorney General’s Office

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The defense of the US president has the option of taking the case back to the Supreme Court

Donald Trump suffers yet another setback in his quest to keep his tax returns for the past eight years hidden. A Manhattan appeals court ruled on Wednesday that the US president must hand over his financial data to a New York prosecutor. Now Trump’s defense has the option to appeal and, if they do, the case would end a second time in the Supreme Court, which this time would have to rule on whether the demands for tax information are too broad and have been badly issued. faith, as the president’s lawyers accuse.

District Attorney Cyrus Vance wants to access the president’s taxes as part of an investigation into the alleged payments to two women to silence extramarital sex, something the Republican has denied. The investigations seek to determine whether there was an effort to hide the payments in tax documents by labeling them as legal expenses. In August it was announced that Vance is also investigating a possible criminal activity in the Trump Organization that has been carried out for more than a decade, in which there were alleged insurance and banking fraud.

The Republican’s lawyers had tried to block the delivery of the tax returns, claiming the president’s “immunity” while in office. The lawsuit reached the Supreme Court, which last July ruled that “no citizen, not even the president, is categorically above the common duty to provide evidence when required in a criminal process,” giving the green light to the courts go ahead with demands for information.

After the ruling of the highest body of justice in the United States, the case returned to the lower courts of New York. Trump’s defense changed its arguments to block the information, leaving aside the issue of immunity, and now accuses that the requests are too broad and have been issued in bad faith. Federal Judge Victor Marrero rejected these arguments in August and the case ended up in the Manhattan appeals court. With Wednesday’s ruling, Trump’s lawyers can take the matter back to the Supreme Court.

Despite Trump’s efforts to keep his tax information out of the public eye, something no American president has done in the past 40 years, The New York Times revealed a couple of weeks ago the details of his statements in the last two decades. The documents reveal that the New York tycoon did not pay federal income taxes in 10 of the last 15 years, in large part because he declared losses greater than his income when it comes to his companies. It only paid out $ 750 in 2016, and the same amount the following year.

The exclusive of Times it also revealed that Trump is individually responsible for more than $ 420 million of debt. According to the US newspaper, the president may be hiding behind the federal government to circumvent the lenders. The millionaire debt will be more problematic for the Republican if he is reelected president, since the payment term to Deutsche Bank expires soon.

Now the Supreme Court is likely to decide whether or not to make the tax information public. Trump has already appointed two of the nine members that make up the Court. The death of progressive judge Ruth Bather Gingsburg in mid-September gave her the option to appoint a third judge and ultimately tip the balance of the high court toward conservatism. Appearances in the Senate begin next week on the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Republicans have enough votes to confirm Barret before the November 3 presidential election.

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