You can watch Fredrik Jensen’s goal and Paulus Arajuure’s brazen ventilation in the video. Owl games can be watched on V Sport channels and Viaplays.

The Owls celebrated another victory on Wednesday when the team defeated Ireland 1-0 in the League of Nations. The only goal of the match was 66 minutes Fredrik Jensen.

Teemu Pukki built the attack and put the ball into the box. The ball bounced off the Irish players for Jensen, who already scored his third goal this season in the League of Nations.

Huuhkajat defender Paulus Arajuuri seems to know in advance that the opening goal of the match is promised. Arajuuri raised his hand brazenly into the air as a sign of ventilation even before Jensen even shot towards the goal.

You can watch the situation in the main picture video. Ventilation is reflected in the deceleration of the paint.

The confident gesture was not wasted, but gathered a lot of amused and praiseworthy comments on social media.

– Oh, I like it when Arajuuri fans the goal for several seconds before the ball in the goal. You knew exactly where it would end up, one tweeter wrote.

– Arajuuri seems to be raising his hands as soon as Randolph started giving a short opening, the other thought.

A similar situation was seen almost exactly a year ago in Tallinn, when Huuhkajat faced Estonia. At that time, Teemu Pukki became the referee of the match with extra time.

Hits obliquely followed Petteri Forsell ventilated the hit well in advance. The game ended with a 1–0 victory for Finland.

– Yes, I guess I’ll raise my hands before the bet left. I was already a fan at that point. It was a good feeling, Forsell commented in October 2018.

Arajuuri ventilated in the same way in the final moments of the match, when Lukas Hradecky took the top defense.