American Professor Emeritus David Kirp has lived in Finland together with her Finnish spouse since the beginning of April.

In six months, Kirp has noticed several factors that differentiate his homeland and Finland, both in the treatment of the coronavirus pandemic and in other areas of life.

Known as a columnist and author, Kirp sheds light on the United States In the Los Angeles Times in his published column why he no longer wants to return to the United States.

– The difference from the United States has fundamentally changed the way I understand my country and see California, writes Kirp.

Kirp works as a professor at the University of California.

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Corona management

In his text, Kirp highlights the way Finns approach the coronavirus epidemic. He mentions how the situation in Finland has been largely under control.

– People trust the government and believe in science, Kirp says for the benefit of Finns.

In return, Kirp shows how in the United States, the coronavirus has claimed more than 200,000 lives.

The United States is by far the worst affected country in the world in terms of the number of victims. In proportion to the hatch, the number of casualties in the United States is the 11th highest in the world. About 21 percent of the world’s corona deaths have occurred in the country, even though just over 4 percent of the world’s population lives in the United States.

As of Sunday, nearly 7.3 million coronary infections have been diagnosed in the United States.

President Trump has repeatedly downplayed the danger posed by the coronavirus and, among other things, promised the disease would only “miraculously disappear”.

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Wildfires torment

David Kirp also mentions the safety nets of society as an advantage of Finnish society.

– Finns are not homeless on the streets; they do not shoot each other at the barricades.

– On average, three times a day, a civilian is killed by the police [Yhdysvalloissa]. The narcissist in the White House stubbornly destroys democracy. And one of the biggest fires in California history has swallowed an area the size of Connecticut and there is no end in sight, describes the United States.

Flaming fires in the states of California, Oregon and Washington have burned more than two million acres of land.

Global warming and the intensification of dry seasons following climate change are considered to be a significant background factor for fires. Much of the fire is known to have originated from the lightning strike.

– Who would choose to go back now? Kirp states.