At 28, the Californian Christopher Huerta he was at a critical point in his life. With 173 kilos of weight His obesity was beginning to seriously affect his physical and mental health, and when the depression hit rock bottom, he made a decision: he was going to lose weight, whatever the cost.

This Los Angeles Lakers fan found a team legend like Kobe Bryant to a perfect example of taking on difficult challenges and not sinking along the way. The photos from his instagram They are the best example of the result: in just one year he has lost 80 kilos and has become a healthy and muscular young man.

Huerta embraced the ‘Mamba mentality’, the thinking by which Bryant was governed. “When her Achilles tendon ruptured she thought about giving up everything. So I thought about losing 50 kilos in the same way… All I can do is work day to day. The ‘Mamba mentality’ try to improve yourself “, he reflects in an interview to ‘Today’.

He began by changing the feeding, which combined with a iron will and a lot of physical exercise it gave results. It started small, and almost without realizing it, the change occurred. “I set small challenges that I was overcoming one by one to achieve something bigger. I would not have achieved it if I had not realized his example,” he analyzes about the figure of Bryant. “The way he looked at things was by saying ‘I want to be the best.’ That is the mentality that I had to adopt to lose weight: I want to be the best in losing weight “, highlights the Californian.

The United States suffers a real overweight epidemic and it is a serious health problem. It is estimated that half of the country’s inhabitants will suffer obesity in 10 years if they do not radically change their habits, according to a study from the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’.

Huerta now wants to convert himself in an inspiration And that is why, since his story became popular, he has started sharing videos of his own workouts.